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The Brothers of Chester alumni would like to invite you to our annual Krab feast on Sunday August 13th. More information can be found on our events page. 

The Brothers of Chester Alumni would like to thank the 130+ patrons that attended our Winter White party. The event was very successful in bringing people together for music, laughter, and great food. We look forward to seeing at our next event coming soon.

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The Guide Right program is an essential program to ensure our youth are given the proper guidance and opportunity to grow and develop.  Chester (PA) Alumni in partnership with Shiloh Baptist Church host our Guide Right program every other Saturday of every month at 703 Central Ave, Chester, PA 19013 from 10AM until 1:00pm.

At Chester (PA) Alumni, we pride ourselves on being a chapter that welcomes ALL brothers.  We truly believe and embody the meaning being brotherly and welcome any brothers looking for a chapter home, or just looking to fellowship with us.

Jamal C. Mack, Polemarch

Serving the Chester, PA community since 1988

Guide Right

Greetings all,

Welcome to the Chester (PA) Alumni Chapter website. I am Jamal C. Mack, the proud Polemarch of Chester Alumni and I hope during your visit to our page you get an opportunity to view and enjoy many of the featured pictures and videos. What you will see showcases the hard work and dedication of the members of this chapter, as well as our community and social events. 

From the Polemarch...

25th Anniversary Celebration